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Terms & Conditions:

Terms & Conditions BASHUTI BUILDERS & DEVELOPERS LIMITED Is the exclusive developer planning. Implementing & Plotting of all facilities of other features etc. described in detailed in brochure of Bashuti Builders & Developers Limited . Application for plot should be made on the prescribed application duly signed by the applicant along with the earnest money. BASHUTI BUILDERS & DEVELOPERS LIMITED.has the right to accept or reject any application without assigning any reason there to. On acceptance of an application, BASHUTI BUILDERS & DEVELOPERS LIMITED , will issue a plot letter with specific terms & condition. The applicant / plot holder shall then start making as per schedule of payment. Housing Booking for plot are made on first come first served basis. All payment of earnest money, installment , other additional works and charges shall be made by Cheque, Bank draft, Pay order or Cash in favor of BASHUTI BUILDERS & DEVELOPERS LIMITED.for which respective receipts will be issued. Delay in payments beyond the due date will make the plot holder liable to pay a delay charge of 5% per month on the amount of payment delayed. if the payment is delayed three (3) month. BASHUTI BUILDERS & DEVELOPERS LIMITED, shall have the right to cancel the Plot.in such event the amount paid the plot holder will be refunded after the project and deducting TK.10,000/=(Ten thousand only) for service charge. Connection fees/charges, gas,water, sewerage and electric connection are not included in this price of plot.The plot holder will pay stamp duties, registration fees, documentation charges and any other taxes & miscellaneous expenses likely to be incurred in connection with the registration, transfer etc. Regarding these fees only the actual sums will be charged. The completion period of the project can be affected by unavoidable circumstance beyond the control of the company, like force measure, natural calamities, political disturbances, strikes and changes in the fiscal policy of the state etc. .

Mission: Bashuti Builders & Developers Ltd. will use innovative practices and a diverse range of options to provide affordable, appropriate and secure housing for people in need in a fair, equitable and financially robust manner.

Bashuti Builders & Developers  Ltd. is recognized nationally and internationally as an innovator in the provision of housing options for low income households and as a best practice example of service provision, tenancy and asset management.

Goals: To operate a robust, financially sound and sustainable Housing Company. To provide a responsive, innovative, best practice service that understands and seeks to meet the needs of its client groups. To increase the supply of housing options for low income households through research, innovation and strategic partnering. To contribute to the growth of a vibrant and diverse community through prioritizing positive social and community outcomes.

Objectives: BBDL has set the following objectives to guide its operation: Primary Objective: To promote the relief of poverty by providing affordable housing to people who are in need, including members of low and moderate income households. Complementary Objectives: To provide a range of subsidized housing options, for low and moderate income households. To investigate/develop a range of innovative housing options and partnership arrangements to increase the supply of affordable housing. To ensure equitable and fair access to affordable housing for people in very low, low and moderate income households. To provide cost effective and efficient housing management services. To provide high quality infrastructure and management services that meet client needs. To provide security of tenure to tenants meeting their tenancy obligations. To be managed prudently in order to become and remain financially self sufficient in accordance with good commercial practice. To promote and seek to provide quality diverse living environments and housing forms that reflect cultural and community values, energy efficiency and ecological sustainability. Seek to provide affordable housing that is well positioned in terms of access to transportation and services. Responsible custodianship of public and community assets and funds. To undertake other activities that are incidental to and supportive of our primary objective Connect With Us.